Parade details

The parade is subject to approval by the Highland Council. Details may be subject to change as part of the planning process. Should this happen, we will inform all registered parade groups, and post updates on our social media and website.

Please email any enquiries to our Events team.

What date is the parade? The parade will take place, subject to approval, on Saturday 22 June 2024.

What time is the parade?  We will set off at 1.30 pm. 

What time should I be at the parade starting point? Please be there no later than 1.15 pm. 

Where is the Parade? We will be starting from Crown Primary School and proceed slowly along Kingsmill Road, down Stephen’s Brae, and along the High Street, as far as Church Street. We will then go up Church Street as far Baron Taylor’s Street. We will walk along Baron Taylor’s Street, and cross Academy Street into Falcon Square. If Falcon Square starts to become full, you will be directed to Inglis Street and Eastgate. 

Why have you chosen this route? The parade is the most visible part of Pride, and for that reason we believe it must go through the city centre. The route also needs to be safe and practical and be supported by the local authority and the Police. In addition, the local authority and Police are not able to support routes that would involve the closure of busy arterial roads. Both the Northern Meeting Park and Bught Park are undergoing refurbishment in 2024 and neither are available to us as a parade end point this year. This is the best safe and practical route, which maximises the visibility of the parade through the city centre, available to us this year.

Who can take part in the parade? Anyone can take part in the parade. 

Do I need a ticket for the Parade? No tickets are required for the parade, just turn up on time!

Are there any age restrictions for taking part on the parade?  There are no age restrictions, but anyone aged under 16 must be accompanied by someone aged 21+.

How do I register a parade group? To assist us with planning, if you’re attending as a group of 10 people or more, we ask that you register your group here.

What happens if I don’t register my group? Unregistered groups will not be allowed to participate in the parade. 

Is there an order when we arrive? We will be operating an arrival queuing system, meaning the earlier you arrive, the closer to the front of the parade you are likely to be. (We do reserve the right to decide the order of groups in the parade and our Parade Manager will inform groups of any decisions about this on this on the day). If you’re part of a registered group and you’re running late, please join your group in the line-up, Hopefully those around you won’t mind too much.  

For all parade participants, please respect each other and avoid queue jumping where possible. 

Can I join the parade at other locations along the route? Yes, but please be mindful of others already in the parade, and don’t push in. 

Can we have a float? There will be no floats this year. 

Will there be any motorcycles leading the parade this year? No. 

What’s allowed in the parade?  Costumes, music, flags, noisemakers, banners, balloons, and smiles all welcome!

What’s not allowed? Please no alcohol/drug consumption, nudity, offensive slogans/images, glass bottles or open flames. You must not hand anything out to onlookers.   

Is there disabled access? The Parade route is approximately 0.5 miles (0.8 km) long, although the surface may be uneven in places. The parade will be accessible for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility from the bottom of Stephen’s Brae. You’re welcome to join the parade at any other suitable point along the route.  

Is alcohol allowed? No alcohol is allowed on the parade. Laws prohibit street drinking, so please don’t do it. You could face a fine from Highland Council. 

Is there a dress code for the parade? There is no dress code. Dress yourself anyway you want and be proud of it. However, NO nudity please. Remember, you will be parading through the centre of Inverness, and there will be young people and families at the event, so please dress appropriately.  

Can I bring my dog? Dogs are allowed. You are responsible for your dog’s wellbeing including ensuring it is comfortable with the high noise levels and large number of people around them and of course other dogs. If your dog becomes aggressive, you will be asked to leave the event. Your dog MUST be kept on a lead at all times, and you are required to clear up after it, if it makes a mess. You could face a fine from Highland Council if you don’t! If you do not follow these requirements, you will be asked to leave the event.