Frequently Asked Questions

What are your plans for Pride 2024? We know how important representation and visibility of our LGBTQ+ community continues to be in the Highlands. Therefore, we are planning a programme of events across the Highlands to celebrate Pride month in June. There will also be a parade, subject to approval, in Inverness, and events in July.

As we’re only a small group of volunteers, mostly based in and around Inverness, we are limited in what we can organise…both in number of events and locations … we need YOUR help!  

No matter where you are in the Highlands, if you are a local organisation, a group, venue owner, artist, performer etc., and would like to organise / hold a Pride event as part of our Pride 2024 programme, we’d love to hear from you.   

If you have an idea you’d like to pitch, or if you already have plans at your local library, school or community centre, please get in touch too. We would love to promote your events as part of the Pride programme.  

You can contact us here or email our Events team.

When and where is Pride? Our Pride programme will take place across the Highlands during June to celebrate Pride month. The parade, which is subject to approval, will take place on Saturday 22 June in Inverness. There will be no pride village or party in the park this year.  

Why are you doing things differently this year? We are doing things differently for logistical and financial reasons, and because of the unavailability of some venues – see further explanation below. 

In addition, some of the feedback we received from Pride 2023 was that we should organise events in Pride Month (June) and hold them in locations other than Inverness. We also want to build on the good work that was done in Inverness and other parts of the Highlands last year to raise awareness of Pride Month. 

Because of the unique situation we find ourselves in this year, we are taking the opportunity do things differently just for 2024. 

We hope the LGBTQ+ community across the Highlands, and our neighbouring communities, will find the Pride 2024 programme more accessible by removing some of the geographical barriers we face.  

Are you holding a parade this year? Yes, subject to approval. Please refer to our Parade FAQs page for more information. 

Why are you not holding a post parade party (party in the park) this year?  We believe the best venue to hold a post parade party is the Northern Meeting Park. The Northern Meeting Park is undergoing refurbishment in 2024 and is not available to us as an event space. The parade is ending in Falcon Square this year, and we are unable to organise a party in that space.

Will you be holding an official Pride party this year? We are planning a Pride party. Watch this space for updates.

Will there be a Pride Village with information stalls? There will be no Pride Village this year. However, there will space for a small number of stalls at the parade end point. The application process for these spaces will be available soon.

How do I talk to / tell you about an event I would like to organise as part of the Pride 2024 programme? Please email our Events team. You can also submit details of your event via this form.  We will contact you as soon as we can to discuss your event. 

Can I volunteer to help with the Pride 2024 programme? Yes, we will need volunteers. Please contact our Events team.

Can I help fundraise for the Pride 2024 programme? Yes. Please email our Events team with your ideas. 

How can I donate to Highland Pride / Pride 2024? You can donate via PayPal and JustGiving.

Are there still sponsorship opportunities for Pride 2024? Yes. You will be able to sponsor us, the charity, and/or you can sponsor the Pride 2024 programme or a specific programme event.  Our sponsorship package is available here. If you would like to sponsor us, please complete our online form or contact our Events team.

What parking is available? Parking can be found at the Eastgate Shopping Centre (1000 spaces), Rose Street Car Park (850 spaces), Castle Street (40 spaces), Raining Stairs (78 spaces), Cathedral Car Park (72 spaces), and Highland Council HQ Car Park (Bishops Road) (200 spaces). It is your responsibility to pay for parking, where applicable. Information on charges is on the Highland Council website. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy or integrity of information on third party sites. Please DO NOT park in residential areas.

What are your plans for 2025? Our plans for 2025 will include a parade, pride village and party in Inverness, and a programme of events across the Highlands.