We wanted to let our local community know as soon as possible that we’ve decided not to go ahead with our online Winter Pride plans in February. It leaves us with heavy hearts to post this on the eve of #LGBTHistoryMonth, and we hope you’ll bear with us whilst we explain because we always want to be as honest and transparent as we can.

Planning for Winter Pride started very late this year due to some personal circumstances within our team, and despite our intentions to try and catch-up and still deliver a programme that’s worthy of your time we have found that juggling working from home (for most of us), long online meetings, emails (they really never end), and a general feeling of burnout that we’re just not in a position to continue.

Our team’s mental health and wellbeing will always be our top priority and we must look after each other in these strange and quite frankly💩times. We know as a supportive and caring community that you’ll understand this, although we know it doesn’t stop it being a disappointment and we are truly gutted.

We will still do our absolute best to highlight all the fantastic online events happening online for LGBT History Month, and if you have already planned something please do still let us know so we can help you promote it! We urge you all to attend these events if you can, not only connect with other LGBTQ+ people but to also show your support for the organisers at the other end…truly, online event planning is not as joyful as face-to-face events where organisers get to see your lovely faces!

If you have emailed us about an event for Winter Pride – or if we have already made plans with you – please bear with us as we reply to you in the coming days.

Sending you all and take care of each other, and yourselves.

Jess, Highland Pride Chair



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