We are keen to obtain feedback from people who attended this year’s event, so we can identify any improvements for the planning and organisation of future events.
Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below.
The survey is ANONYMOUS, but if you would like to help with the next Proud Ness event then please leave your email address at the end of the survey so that we can contact you – your responses will be treated CONFIDENTIALLY.

Proud Ness 2019 Survey
1. Which Proud Ness organised events did you attend on Sunday 21 July?
2. Overall, how would you rate Proud Ness 2019?
4. Did you look at the other Inverness Highland Games and Gala weekend events taking place on the day?
5. Did you go to any other organised LGBT+ events over the weekend?
6. Which day would you prefer Proud Ness to take place on?
8. The Highland LGBT Forum and Proud Ness committee are planning a Winter Pride event for February 2020 (LGBT+ History month). What events would you be interested in?
9. Would you like to see other Proud Ness / inclusive LGBT+ events being held elsewhere in the Highlands?
10. How do you think Pride events should be funded? (tick all that apply)
11. Including your travel, any accommodation, food, drinks and any purchases, what is the TOTAL amount (approximately) that you spent at the Proud Ness 2019 event?

FOR QUESTIONS 12 - 15: If a business or organisation supports Pride, please rate the following statements:

12. I'd spend more money with a brand that supports Pride:
13. I'd think better of a brand that supports Pride:
14. I'd recommend a brand that supports Pride to others:
15. I'd want to know more about a brand that supports Pride:



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